SUIOIL AG is a privately owned energy supply and trading company, which was founded in 2013, initially to develop crude and oil products trading across Europe and the Middle East.
It operates from Schindellegi in Switzerland and has established important partnerships with experienced regional logistics operators to optimise its in-country supply operations, securing access to depots, blending facilities and trucking operations.
Suioil has developed collaborations with leading refineries and trading partners on the export of crude and supply of refined products


We look to create long term value for both our shareholders and our business partners, while generating short term returns that allow us to continue to develop the business and reward our people. We look to use the returns we generate to enhance both our facilities and the services that we can deliver to our business partners.


Our key differentiator is in the depth of the local knowledge and operational experience within our team brought together with the ability to deliver on a global level in meeting our business partners’ requirements


Our operations are focused in regions where our success is driven by our ability to respond rapidly to the quickly changing political and operating environments in the region. Our local operational teams ensure that we are always on top of the latest developments and can ensure our operations can meet the changing circumstances.


Our ownership structure and very short decision making lines ensure that we are always in a position to respond rapidly to opportunities while underpinning a long term approach and prudent risk management.